English resources on Delphi

Through this space discover English sites about Delphi, how to use the development environment as well as the provided libraries and the Object Pascal language.

Topics available in this language

Blogs and aggregators on Delphi programming
Many developers share their daily lives online with tips and tricks in the form of blogs.
English books on Delphi
Discover the books in English about programming in Pascal and Delphi.
Discussion forums and support sites for Delphi developers
You can't always do everything yourself. Exchanges with peers are sometimes useful. Find the forums and communities around Delphi programming.
Sites to learn Delphi
Tutorials and courses to read or watch to learn Delphi or get up to speed in its use.
The official sites to know to do Delphi in English
Publisher, distributor, license management, official documentation, the essential sites to do programming with Delphi.
Thousands of videos for Delphi developers
Programming in Pascal and Delphi to see in the form of videos (tutorials, live coding, tips and tricks).

Other languages are available

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